Telecontrol Project: FIFA World Cup Twitter LEDs

Yesterday we filmed a video demonstrating how shift registers can be used, along with the Twitter Feed plugin, to create a real-life interpretation of keyword activity on the Twitter public stream.

There is a bot running on the Telecontrol server which is monitoring the Twitter public stream for occurrences of pre-defined keywords in real time. As keywords occur, they’re recorded on the server along with the timestamp (in seconds) that the tweet was processed.

The Twitter Feed plugin is configured specifically for each Telecontrol device. The configuration states which keywords to monitor, and which shift register output to use for each keyword. The Twitter Feed plugin updates the shift register outputs once a second, and light all the LEDs that had activity for the previous second for 0.95 seconds. We use 0.95 seconds so that if a keyword is used for two seconds in a row, a quick flash will be seen to emphasis that the keyword has been used multiple times.

The video shows an example using data for the FIFA World Cup. There are a total of 35 LEDs. 32 LEDs are used for each of the team’s county codes, and 3 LEDs are used for the keywords “#worldcup”, “#kiwicount”, and “”.

The actual project can be seen online in real time via a webcam at the address

If you have any questions or enquiries, you can message me via Twitter, the Contact page (found on the top menu), or leave a comment on this blog post.

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