Telecontrol Project: “The John”

I’ll start with a little bit of background information. Here in New Zealand there is a chap called John Campbell. He hosts a current affairs show, Campbell Live, which is on TV3 each weeknight at 7pm.┬áJohn Campbell is an active Twitterer who likes to get involved with his fellow Tweeters. He is that special, he even has a Wikipedia page about him.

A week ago, John did a story about businesses that use Twitter. I semi-seriously sent out a Tweet about making a John Campbell bobble head, where the head bobbles every time someone mentions the word “marvelous” anywhere in the public space on Twitter. A couple of people suggested I do it, so I decided to give it a crack. Why? Because it’s fun.

For the fellow geeks out there:
The bobble head is driven by our Telecontrol Project (click here to see more info). When a power and network cable is connected, it connects to our Telecontrol server. The Telecontrol server is monitoring Twitter for the occurrence of the word “marvelous”, and sends an instruction down to the bobble head every time the word gets mentioned. The head is rotated using a micro servo, typically used in RC models.

Enough of that, here is the video (my first actual appearance on video blog, I think I come across a little nervous at the start):

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  1. John Campbell Says:

    Dear Nathan, you are completely and gloriously mad. I’m flattered. (I think!) May I please take the time to say that, not withstanding the merit or otherwise of this nutty project, your “on air” performance was admirably conversational, instructional and relaxed. I am very impressed indeed. You’re right, I don’t say the m word often these days – something to do with becoming a tad self-conscious about it. But I shall Tweet it enthusiastically. (I could do with the exercise!) Thanks Nathan – I’m delighted to have been involved. And very warm regards indeed, John.

  2. Scott A Says:

    I love this, it is marvellous.

    But Mr John Campbell’s wikipedia page concerns me; why does it make no mention of his wonderful stint on the Saturday morning show after Brian Edwards bored us to death and Kim Hill interrupted us until we care no more!?!

  3. Wendy Says:

    Nathan I always knew you were a bit geekly mad but this is amazing,or rather marvelous ;)
    BTW hug the baby for me

  4. Jeff K Says:

    Haha, nice! Good video too, nice work :)

  5. Mike Says:

    Also impressed! Well done Nate

  6. Big Daddy Says:

    Well done! The same guys that were ‘stalking’ Kashia have been invited to look at the video and there has been some excellent feedback there. I tried to put it on fb but it doesn’t seem to have taken. I’ll try again.

  7. Mark Lincoln Says:

    Genius invention Nathan! I can fully see this being a funky notification gadget. Every time someone mentions your business name on Twitter then the bobble head moves.

    You should make a version that writes a mark on a chalk board so you can see how many mentions you’ve had in a week, etc. Ok so you can do that on your computer but it’s not as much fun! It’d be a neat way to get your employees interested in your online presence.

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